VR/AR Options for the Vectorworks Designer

Virtual Reality is proving to be an increasingly accessible and desirable tool for 3D Visualization. As a designer with a Vectorworks background, there are several different ways to step into the VR/AR space, including 360 renderings, stereoscopic video, and interactive VR & AR apps. Each option has its pros and cons. Read on to findContinue Reading “VR/AR Options for the Vectorworks Designer”

Prevent Teleport with VRTK Policy List in Unity

Sometimes you need to prevent the viewer from teleporting into certain areas of the scene, like backstage or onto tech risers. This tutorial will outline how to use VRTK’s Policy List component to tag objects in the scene for teleport exclusion. Assumptions: You already have a scene set up for basic teleport with VRTK andContinue Reading “Prevent Teleport with VRTK Policy List in Unity”

Unity VRTK Teleport & UI Pointer – Gear VR/ Oculus Go

Set up your scene for teleport using VRTK with a Gear VR or Oculus Go controller. This tutorial uses an OVR rig with tracked remote, straight pointer renderer & UI pointer scripts. Assumptions: You have an Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR with a compatible Android mobile device & controller.¬†You already have Unity 2017.4.0f1 &Continue Reading “Unity VRTK Teleport & UI Pointer – Gear VR/ Oculus Go”