8 Settings for Impressive Vectorworks Renderings

We all want to ‘wow’ clients with jaw-dropping renderings, yet we can’t find the time to learn how. Luckily, improving realism doesn’t require a huge time investment. Instead, it’s a matter of knowing which settings to enable or disable.¬†Seriously! A few strategic clicks can make a world of difference. For more info direct from Vectorworks,Continue Reading “8 Settings for Impressive Vectorworks Renderings”

Basic Fly Through Animation with Cinema 4D- 60 Minutes

The following is tailored specifically for scenic designers who are already building 3D models using Vectorworks¬†Renderworks and have access to Adobe After Effects. Use our nifty workflow to bring your 3D model into Cinema 4D Lite and create a fly-through animation in about an hour. We have included the most relevant info needed to lightContinue Reading “Basic Fly Through Animation with Cinema 4D- 60 Minutes”