Unity VRTK Virtual Tour for Gear VR or Oculus Go

Combine three 360 photos in Unity using VRTK v3.3.0 to create a virtual tour experience for VR complete with buttons and scene changes. The final product is an .apk file build & run on Android mobile device for use with Samsung’s Gear VR or Oculus Go. Assumptions: You already have Unity 2017.4.0f1 installed, you own aContinue Reading “Unity VRTK Virtual Tour for Gear VR or Oculus Go”

Batch Edit Flip Image Sequences with Photoshop Automator

Use Photoshop’s action window to batch edit a PNG image sequence using Automator. For example, if you are baking images on a sphere to create a 360 image as seen in our Animated 360 Spherical Video tutorial the baked images will render as inverted. Instead of manually flipping every image in your sequence you can setContinue Reading “Batch Edit Flip Image Sequences with Photoshop Automator”

Static VR 360 Spherical Video using Cinema 4D Lite Baked Images

Create a 360 video with a stationary camera for use on youtube, facebook, vimeo and even the Samsung Gear VR (see “Hack” in post footer). In about 45 minutes (not including render time) we will bake 360 images in Cinema 4D Lite and compose them in After Effects to create a top and bottom stereoscopic video.Continue Reading “Static VR 360 Spherical Video using Cinema 4D Lite Baked Images”

Importing Vectorworks into Cinema 4D Lite

In this tutorial we will be launching the Cinema 4D Lite application through After Effects. We will be creating a new file by importing a 3D model previously exported from Vectorworks. We will set up our file using the animation industry standard of 24 frames per second, which allows for easy calculations between frames andContinue Reading “Importing Vectorworks into Cinema 4D Lite”

Exporting Vectorworks for Cinema 4D

Below is one of the many paths you could take to export your 3D model from Vectorworks. It includes the essential action steps to prep your file for import into Cinema 4D. You will undoubtably develop personal preferences as you continue your Cinema 4D journey. That’s it! I hope this information will make it easyContinue Reading “Exporting Vectorworks for Cinema 4D”