Basic Fly Through Animation with Cinema 4D- 60 Minutes

The following is tailored specifically for scenic designers who are already building 3D models using Vectorworks¬†Renderworks and have access to Adobe After Effects. Use our nifty workflow to bring your 3D model into Cinema 4D Lite and create a fly-through animation in about an hour. We have included the most relevant info needed to lightContinue Reading “Basic Fly Through Animation with Cinema 4D- 60 Minutes”

Importing Vectorworks into Cinema 4D Lite

In this tutorial we will be launching the Cinema 4D Lite application through After Effects. We will be creating a new file by importing a 3D model previously exported from Vectorworks. We will set up our file using the animation industry standard of 24 frames per second, which allows for easy calculations between frames andContinue Reading “Importing Vectorworks into Cinema 4D Lite”