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Build Unity app for Android Oculus Go

Build your Unity project onto an Android device for use in Samsung’s Gear VR headset or Oculus Go. Get an Oculus signature, enable developer settings on your mobile device, and build & run to your device via Android File Transfer.

Assumptions: You already have Unity installed, you have Samsung Gear VR with controller or Oculus Go, and a compatible mobile device.

Are you looking to build for Oculus Quest? See this post instead: Vectorworks to Unity for Quest VR.


Build Settings

If you haven’t done so already, go to Main Nav> Build Settings and Switch to the Android Platform. Then click on Player Settings and change the Minimum api to at least 19, though I use 24.


Oculus Signature

Find out the Oculus Signature of your mobile device. Don’t worry about the Android Application signature. It’s not required for development builds.

In your main project directory (Home on a Mac), save your oculus signature in the following location: Assets> Plugins> Android> assets. Pay attention to caps.


Mobile Device Setup

You will need to enable developer settings on your phone.


Connect Mobile Device

Using Android File Transfer, connect your mobile device to your computer via USB. In Unity, go to man nav> File> Build & Run. Your .apk will build onto your phone and launch itself!


I hope this information will make your life easier. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more VR & Unity tutorials.

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