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Hello and welcome! Scenic Mentor was created to help events industry designers learn to use animation and VR software quickly and easily. Everyone has ideas worth sharing and knowledge should be accessible for the benefit of all.  Feel free to contact me.



Lauren Smith

Senior Production Designer, Bellwether

Lauren is a former installation artist turned tech geek with 6 years experience in the corporate events industry & nearly 100 successful designs produced. Obsessed with implementing the latest visualization technology, she is consistently improving the design process from concept to build.


Using Events Industry Software



We are using Vectorworks Spotlight which, like all Vectorworks packages, is equipped with Renderworks. Renderworks is built on the Cinema 4D render engine. This not only allows you to create amazing CAD visualizations, but your entire model, including textures, lights and cameras, will carry over seamlessly into Cinema 4D.

Unity is awesome! With the help of Virtual Reality Toolkit (VRTK), we use Unity to create impactful VR experiences. Unity is free for individual personal use.

A monthly subscription to Adobe’s full Creative Cloud gains you access to all their apps, including After Effects and Media Encoder discussed below. If you don’t need any other apps, you may want to subscribe to only After Effects for a cheaper rate.

Our tutorials utilize Adobe After Effects to compose, edit & render, to name a few. Cinema 4D Lite is installed (free) along with After Effects, allowing for effortless Cinema 4D integration.

Sometimes we prefer to use Adobe Media Encoder in our rendering workflows. Media Encoder is also included in the full Creative Cloud subscription.

Most tutorials on this blog are created for use with Cinema 4D Lite via After Effects. The full version is ideal for more advanced projects as it has features not available in the lite version and, accordingly, it comes with a higher price tag.



Get started!

Learn Cinema 4D with our Basic Fly-Through Animation Workflow, a simple 60-minute workflow.

Or if your interested in virtual reality, check out this awesome Virtual Tour tutorial for Unity.