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Indirect & Ambient Lighting in Vectorworks Renderworks

Turn on indirect and ambient lighting to achieve heightened realism in your Vectorworks renderings. These settings bounce light around your scene to create a unified look and can contribute to an overall mood in the scene.

When I first started rendering I had no idea what Indirect Lighting was for. All I knew was it took forever to render. However, now that I understand how it works I see why it is so worth the wait!

Custom Render Settings

With the camera viewport selected, click into Lighting Options in Object Info. The lighting options window may look different depending on which Background Render style you have chosen.  I have Normal (4 bounces) set for Indirect Lighting and Ambient Occlusion enabled as well.

I have set my ambient color to be a light pink to better imitate the rosey tint of the light bouncing off the red carpet in this convention center hallway (below is a photo taken in the physical space).



See the Difference

The first image below is rendered WITHOUT Indirect/Ambient Lighting:

And the second image has our Indirect & Ambient render settings applied, et voilà!

And here is a helpful side-by-side comparison 🙂

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I hope this short tutorial will encourage you to experiment with indirect lighting in your next rendering project. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more Vectorworks tutorials.

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