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Import Any 3D Model into Unity

Bring any 3D model into Unity with these plugins & import file types for every popular 3D modeling software.Unity can read .fbx, .dae (collada), .3ds, .dxf, .obj, and .skp files, and you can run Unity on either Mac or Windows.

Use the links and suggestions to choose the workflow that best complements your preferred 3D modeling software. There are even a few mentions for Unreal plugins as well. I hope this helps you on your journey into Virtual Reality and/or real time rendering with Unity.

Check out my Vectorworks TutorialsVectorworks to Unity

Export your Vectorworks file as .fbx or .obj and import into Unity. I have done some thorough testing of .fbx vs .obj to see which of these file formats is better. Ultimately, I found exporting as .obj from Vectorworks after having converted to a Mesh & Generic Solid gave me the best Unity import experience.

You may also choose to bring your Vectorworks file into Cinema 4D on the way to utilize their Cineware Plugin for Unity import.

Cinema 4D to Unity

You can export your Cinema 4D project as .fbx. However, it’s easier to import your .c4d file directly into Unity by using the Maxon Cineware Plugin. It’s available for free in the Unity Asset Store.

The process is simple. Save save your Cinema 4D File as ‘Save for Cineware’ before importing the .c4d file into Unity. Remember to import the Maxon Cineware Plugin into your Unity Project before importing.

Best of all, the Cineware Plugin doesn’t require a full license of Cinema 4D, making this an accessible option for anyone working with Cinema 4D Lite via After Effects. See this separate post to learn more about working with Cinema 4D and Unity.

Scenic Mentor 3 Icon3ds Max /AutoCAD to Unity

For Unity, download the FBX exporter.

There are also options for exporting to Unreal Engine instead. You can use the Datasmith Exporter Plugin or Twinmotion.

Scenic Mentor 4 IconSketchup to Unity

You can drag your .skp file directly into the Unity project window. Or you can export your file from sketchup as COLLADA .dae and then drag it into the project window.

You might also want to check out this Play Up Tools plugin for Unity.

And again, perhaps it’s easier for SketchUp users to work with Unreal instead to utilize the Datasmith Exporter Plugin.

Scenic Mentor 5 IconMaya /Blender to Unity

Neither require add-ons for import into Unity. Simply drop your Maya or Blender files & textures directly into your Unity project. Or you can export/import as .fbx, whatever suits your process!


I hope you’re inspired to start bringing your designs into Unity! Subscribe to my youtube channel for more tutorials to help in your VR journey.

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