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Hosting WebGL App for Free with GitHub Pages

I explain the process for hosting your Unity webGL for free with GitHub Pages. No private domain name needed. After setting up your GitHub account, the whole process only takes a few minutes.


Log into GitHub

Login or create an account at

Create a new public repository, give it a name and check the box to create README file.


Upload Build

Click on Add File button > Add Files. Upload your build files within the parent Build Folder, so typically that means the inner ‘Build’ folder, inner ‘TemplateData’ folder and ‘index’ html file.


Enable Pages

Under Settings, navigate to the ‘Pages’ tab in the left-hand sidebar. Change the ‘Source’ dropdown to Main and click save.

You’ll get a success message highlighted in blue saying ‘Your site is ready to be published’. Wait/refresh until it turns green showing your published shareable link! So easy 😀



I hope this tool makes it easier for you to share your beautiful designs with your clients, colleagues, and friends. For more information on 360 interactive browser renderings, see my post on Unity WebGL apps.
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