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Free Custom Renderworks Styles with Opt-in

Get a Download Link with Opt-in!

Here’s How it Works

By opting-in to the email list, receive two Custom Renderworks Styles for free! You’ll be emailed a link to download a .zip file containing a Vectorworks 2020 file. Check your spam folder!

The file contains two Custom Renderworks Styles, one for Draft and one for Final Renders. Use the Draft style to save time while tweaking cameras and adjusting lighting looks, and switch to Final when you are ready to export your high res image.


How to use these styles in your own Vectorworks file:

1.) Opt-in to the email list to receive a link to download the free Vectorworks 2020 file containing two Custom Renderworks styles (Draft & Final).

2.) Open both this downloaded file as well as your personal design file in Vectorworks 2020 or above.

3.) Open Resource Manager (Window> Pallettes> Resource Manager).

4.) In the left sidebar, under ‘Open Files’, select the file named ‘Free-Custom-Renderworks-Style-Settings.vwx”. Locate either the Draft or Final Renderworks Style and Drag it onto your design file (also listed under ‘Open Files’).

5.) In your Vectorworks design file, apply the Custom Renderworks Style to a sheet layer camera viewport via Object Info.


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