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Event Light Settings in Cinema 4D

There are many ways to create lighting effects in Cinema 4D depending on the design and your rendering style. Included below are all the light settings needed to get started creating 5 popular event lighting types:

    • Backlights,
    • Front Lights,
    • LED strip uplights
    • Sharpy beams, and
    • Gobos

Use them as a jumping off point and customize them as needed.


Start by creating a Spotlight object with no shadows. Select the color of your choice and adjust the settings in the General, Details and Visibility tabs to match those below.

Lastly, I want these lights to be mostly decorative and not add too much light to the scene. I use the Include mode in the Project tab to specify which object(s) I wish to receive light from the backlights.

I want to create a defining backlight on the lighting fixture models in my scene, so I have dragged these objects from the hierarchy into the Include window. You may choose to add your 3D person in here, too.

Below is an alternative approach to backlights that uses two separate spotlight objects layered on top of each other, one for the bright center and a second for the outer glow.


Front Lights

The settings below will create a soft hazy beam to use for front lighting. I also use the Project tab with these, except I invoke the Exclude mode to specify which objects should NOT receive light. Typically I exclude any screens to prevent any washed out areas in the content.



Scenic Mentor 3 Icon Uplighting

Use rectangular Area lights without shadows to cast an uplit glow on your scenic elements. Position the light near the floor, just in front of the object you wish to light.

Note I have set these to use Global Illumination and have not included/excluded anything to ensure the light will bounce around and contribute to the overall mood of the scene.


Scenic Mentor 4 IconSharpy Beams

These bright, sharply defined beams are not only amazingly cool in real life, they also easily add interest to an otherwise boring rendering. Use a Parallel Spot light object with no shadows & high intensity.


Scenic Mentor 5 IconGobos

Lastly, gobos are a little more complicated in that you need to create an alpha material for the light object, so I have put these gobo settings into a separate post here:


Want to put these lighting skills to use? Get started with our Basic Fly-Through Animation tutorial, a simple introduction that only takes about 60 minutes! Or Subscribe to my youtube channel for more tutorials on Cinema 4D.

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